Hi there!

I’m Keith, and you obviously know I’m a photographer if you’re on my website and want to know more about me. So where do I start? I guess by telling you what I photograph and why…

I shoot weddings, couples, families, and pets and love interacting with people and capturing the moments that develop in front of my camera. I’ve a really relaxed style of working no matter what I’m photographing and focus on making sure everyone feels comfortable. For me there’s nothing better than helping create the sort of environment that lets us make the sort of images you’ll cherish forever.

Secondly, I don’t generally stand around in a field of bluebells looking off into the distance. But it is exactly the sort of place I love to work and take people to photograph them. Working outdoors feels liberating to me and I love meeting clients who share that same love of being up a mountain or lost in a forest, or even just embracing the great outdoors to make amazing memories and pictures together. We’re blessed with having some of the best scenery in the world right on our doorsteps so why not get out there and make the most of it.